Paleo f/x Conference – Austin, TX


I spent this last weekend in Austin at the Paleo f/x conference soaking in all the great lectures and info from incredible thought leaders in this industry.  It was amazing, to say the least!  Here are a few take-aways that I will give a rough overview here, but will dedicate a blog post daily for the next week giving you more detail of what I learned and how it can help you with what you may be struggling with health-wise.

  1. Probiotics!!  They aren’t all equal and what does a healthy gut really look like??
  2. Healthspan (not Lifespan) and what concepts should we all be adopting to ensure a healthy life.
  3. Chronic Disease Stats…. Where our country is headed at this rate!
  4. Metabolic Flexibility – how do we get this??
  5. Cortisol and weight loss – it’ll put a stop to your progress if you don’t know how to regulate it… and NO!! “Eating less and Exercising more” will only make it worse.

Stay tuned!!  Starting tomorrow, I will review these 1 topic per day in greater depth to assist you in understanding just how important these things are to our health and wellness and our abilities!  Don’t we all want more energy??  Don’t we all want a sharper and better focused brain so that we can work harder, and smarter?  I know from personal experience and personal study that we need change for these to work.  It’s not always easy in the nutritionally devoid world we live in right now, but it’s possible and it won’t break the bank!

Some other fun things on the horizon – I’m starting some Low Carb/Paleo/Primal Cooking Classes right here in my own kitchen in Laguna Beach.  The space will be very limited and based on the first few classes, I’ll see where my demand lies in opening more dates!  Keep checking in – The first class will be later this month in May.  Some recipes on the agenda will include – How to Make a Vegetable Hash and how to use it in several different dishes – How to Spiralize and make Veggie Noodles – How to make Cauliflower Rice the RIGHT way – and I’ll be giving everyone my sources for paleo, NON GMO, Organic sources for farm fresh goods, grass-fed and pastured raised meats, and pantry items.  We will have a real round table discussion as we eat our meal together, giving you all an opportunity to ask questions and engage in a fun conversation with like-minded people!  Hope to see you there!




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