About Me

Hi, I’m Kristy.  I am a health enthusiast, runner, yogi, and soon to be Primal Health Coach.  I live in Laguna Beach with my husband and three children.  We are an active family and love the beach, riding bikes, snow skiing, paddle boarding, jumping on our trampoline, and playing with our pet bunny, Milo. 🙂  In 2015, I started a weekend in April with a fever without an origin…  It came and went over the course of a few weeks, so I saw my doctor and was referred to a hematologist for low white blood cell count.  Over the course of 6 months, I was told that I either had a chronic leukemia or a virus due to an elevation in my natural killer cells.  It was a scary time not knowing what the future held for me at 38 years old.  Up until this point, I’d always considered myself a healthy person.  I exercised regularly, I ate what I thought was a healthy diet, but I was sick and did not know how to correct it.  At the end of the 6 months, my NK cells had gone back to normal and I went about my life feeling relieved and happy that all I had was a “strange virus”.  After that, I went about my life focusing on more exercise and trying to eat less as I had gained a few pounds going through all of that.  I took up crossfit, more running, and tried to cut out sugar, white flour, and other vices that I knew I needed to stay away from… but my cravings were so fierce and difficult to control.  So I kept exercising to overcompensate for giving in to my cravings all to often.  It wasn’t until 2 years after my initial fever, did I finally start my journey to restore and balance my health.  I read many books, and listened to podcasts, read blogs, and lived each day in search of ways to improve the way I felt and to restore my energy as I was riddled with fatigue each day… I found an amazing naturopathic doctor who diagnosed me with Epstein Barre reactivation and started me on a the right supplements and herbs to reboot my immune system.  Four months later, I felt like a new person, and although my adrenals had suffered from the stress of a weakened immune system, I made life changing decisions to eat a ketogenic diet, and exercise accordingly.  I have such a desire to share my story with others who may be experiencing similar life setbacks and empower them to make what seems like small changes with big outcomes.  I look forward to meeting you and helping you balance your health and restore your energy levels to what they should be.